Your career problems are hurting those you love

We hear it time and time again…

We talk with tech managers who want to fix their careers because they’re struggling and they’re sick of it.

They’ve been turned down for a promotion one too many times…

They’ve gotten a measly 10% raise for the last 5 years…

They work hard — so hard — and they’re not getting recognized for it…

Meanwhile, it’s wearing them down. They’re burnt out.

They’re losing sleep, they’re losing patience, and they’re losing money!

As bad as this is…

They’re not the reasons why they make the decision to invest in themselves to build their dreams.

The real reason they make this decision?

Their loved ones.

Because even though they’re struggling, they can take it. They can cope. They’re strong.

But they can’t BEAR it to see their loved ones struggling because of their career woes!!!

They’re overworking and don’t join the family for dinner most nights. And so they’re partners and their kids struggle.

They miss Mommy. They miss Daddy. They miss their spouse.

And when they do have time to spend, it’s not real, quality time. Not focused time. They’re distracted — faces in the cell phone.

And because they’re underpaid, there are money troubles.

They have to say no to expensive Christmas gifts. They have to say no to ordering fancy take-out. They have to say no to taking that AirBnb get-away.

It’s their career. Their problems. And their loved ones are suffering because of it!!!


I know that’s where some of you are right now too.

If so, I want you to watch our training immediately:

We’ll help you get clear on what’s not working in your career right now.

We’ll help you get clear on the dream career you want to build.

We’ll craft a custom-tailored plan so you get unstuck.

So you can make your loved ones SMILE again! So you can show them what you’re made of!

Because who you are at your care is an authentic, assertive, servant leader!

You simply need some career help.

Let us be the ones to give it to you.

We’ve served hundreds of tech managers just like you and we have their results to prove it.

Our systems and strategies work, as long you show up committed.

If that’s what you’re prepared to do, watch that training right now:

Your loved ones need you to.




Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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Jen Bunk

Jen Bunk

Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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