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Would you Hire a Career Coach Who Offers a Money-Back Guarantee?

Did you know that right now, it’s possible for you to earn a 25–40% raise without sacrificing your integrity and authenticity?

I’ll explain how in just a second.

But first, let’s talk about why so many people think this is impossible.

The truth is that you’ve been LET DOWN.

Let down by so many “leadership” coaches who offer a money-back guarantee as a way of communicating their confidence that they can help you.

And on the surface, I get it. It sounds good!

We all fear the unknown. And the path towards becoming the best leader possible is filled with scary obstacles. So we hear someone say, “I’m so confident I can help you be a better leader, I’ll give you your money back if I don’t succeed.” And that sounds reassuring. It decreases the risk.

But let me just come right out and say it: Working with a coach who offers a money-back guarantee is UNWISE.

Here’s why:

Hiring that kind of coach is NOT going to help you achieve transformational results.

Transformation requires grit & tenacity & facing your fears. It requires taking risks!

Someone who offers you a back-door escape route (in the form of you giving them your money back) is NOT going to inspire you to take the boundary-stretching actions necessary to reach that next level in your career.

Offering “affordable,” “convenient pricing” with a “money-back guarantee” is sign that coach is afraid to charge what they’re worth. How on earth are they gonna help YOU get paid what YOUR worth?

You’re not buying tires. You’re investing in your career. If you step on the path towards career transformation simply kicking tires, you’re not going to endure the whole journey. You’re never going to slay the dragons necessary to earn $200k+ year.

This is YOUR career. YOU have to take ownership. If you don’t get there, there’s no one to blame but you. And blaming ourselves is hard.

So if you buy into the money-back guarantee promise, you can now blame someone else if you fail. And that’s an absolute tragedy because you’ll never build the skills and mindset necessary to earn that raise, promotion, or Hell Yes job offer — and claim that dream tech career.

So if that’s the old and UNWISE way…what’s the new and ENLIGHTENED way?

Simple: Take extreme ownership of your career. Hire a coach who offers no money-back guarantees.

Now let me be clear: I know you’re not going to be irresponsible. You’re not even going to consider hiring someone unless you’re 100% confident that coach can give you the strategies, systems, and support you need to reach your career goals.

And, in that case, there’s no reason for any guarantees.

Here’s why this is BRILLIANT:

It’s scary. And tapping into your courage is exactly what you need to in order to achieve career transformation.

If they offered a guarantee, you would question THEIR confidence! And do you really want to work with an unconfident career coach?!

And the best part about it is, TOGETHER you’re going to map out a plan that’ll help you build measurable excellence and evangelize that excellence so you can command a premium salary as a tech manager (without working your butt off 50+ hours/week).

Do you see how powerful that is?

Here’s the thing, though: No other career coach who focuses solely on tech managers is taking this approach. Some are trying, but they don’t really understand it.

I’d love to talk you about how you can use your fear of the unknown as your greatest superpower so that you can reject back-door-escape-routes and finally upgrade your tech team, your tech career, your paychecks, and your life.

All it takes is ONE conversation.

Want to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your tech career? Check out our webinar today at

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Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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