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Why Working From Home is Key to Commanding a $200k+ Salary as a Tech Manager (even if your boss keeps saying you need to show your face at the office)

Have you ever been told that if you want to command a premium salary as a tech manager…you can NEVER work from home?

Let me save you some hard work and aggravation.

You see, when our clients start working with us, many of them have tried that exact same strategy. They faithfully commute to the office every weekday. They’re often the first to get there and the last to leave.

Sometimes they even go in on a Saturday to demonstrate their commitment.

See, they believed that if they just showed their faces at the office as often as possible…then they would earn tons of bonuses and finally break into the $200k+ zone in salary.

I mean, that’s what they tell you, right?

But what really happened?

They struggled to get paid what they’re worth. They were exhausted from repeatedly jumping on and off this go-to-work-and-come-home treadmill.

For a minute, they were getting recognized for their commitment…but that didn’t last because they weren’t consistently adding measurable, positive value at work. They were simply showing their faces.

And what happens when you go to work to simply show your face?

-You lose sight of your REAL mission as a leader — which is to add value.

-You set a terrible example for your team. Now THEY think they can NEVER work from home and it burns them out.

-You lose the opportunity to do your work somewhere else besides your office. And different working environments are what get those creative, strategic juices flowing.

-Constantly running on this treadmill is getting your nowhere. You’re stuck in the Land of Leadership Mediocrity.

-This eats away at your identity as an accomplished high-performer. “I show up every day! Why am I not being RECOGNIZED for all this hard work?!”

-You can kiss the idea of sweet bonuses and a sweet salary Good-Bye! And you stay stuck for years, scratching your head, wondering if this whole “$200k salary” thing is a myth.

If this sounds like you…

Ask yourself ONE question:

What would happen if I stopped showing up at the office every weekday (and sometimes weekends)

…and started working from home (or working remotely from somewhere else) 1–2 times a week instead?

I focus on adding value. I focus on inspiring my team, thinking strategically, and having the energy to get IMPORTANT things done!

I create systems where I can accomplish all of this INDEPENDENT of where I’m physically located. I add value while I’m in the office AND while I’m working from home.

And I’m intentionally creating the space for myself to thrive as a leader.

“Showing up” no longer means “showing my face at the office.” It means “taking inspired, intelligent actions every day so that I can lead my team to victory.”

And, within months, I’ll be able to help create a measurable, positive impact at work, leverage those wins to upgrade my salary, and gain a genuine sense of accomplishment & recognition…while I work remotely as often as I want without one ounce of guilt.

If this is what you want for your career, send me a LinkedIn message today.

We’ll put our heads together to develop a plan so that you can add value, work remotely, AND command a $200k+ salary.

If you want our help to implement that plan, we’ll talk about what that would look like. If not, that’s cool too.

Here’s to more working from home more often AND adding more value as a leader!


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Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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