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When Small Changes = Massive Impact

When you’re stuck, when you know you need help, it can be tempting to think about all the BIG changes you want to make.

You might think…

I need to lose 30 pounds and I’m sick and tired of feeling fat and weak. So, I’m gonna join a gym and get up at 5am so I can go 5x a week!

Go big or go home, right?

You know how this story typically ends. You never join the gym b/c it’s too expensive. Or, maybe you do join, but you hate getting up at 5am. So you go maybe 1–2x a week. For a few weeks. Then the novelty wears off, your body craves sleeping in (especially b/c you’re so damn sore from working out) and then you stop going.

“Go big or go home,” you think. “I’d rather STAY home in my jammies.”

The problem with this approach is that, although it can be super-motivating to have HUGE goals — to feed on that desire to make massive changes in your life — sudden, huge changes are not sustainable.

If you want change that STICKS, you have to take it slow. But, to stay motivated, those slow, gradual changes need to have a BIG positive impact.

And knowing what changes to make, and how to make them, is not always straightforward.

After years of doing yoga, I decided it was time for something new. So I hired a personal trainer.

It’s been a few weeks and deadlifts finally make sense to me (hello, glutes!), spiderman lunges are my new favorite stretch, and foam rollers — where have you been all my life?

In short, I love it. And having that 1:1 attention is key. It gives me accountability.

And, the personal attention means we figure out together what SMALL changes will most positively impact MY body and MY life.

I could tell this same story but replace “sick and tired of feeling fat and weak” with “sick and tired of feeling mediocre.”

And replace “join a gym and get up at 5am so I can go 5x a week” with “spend hours and hours reading/watching training material.”

And replace “hired a personal trainer” with “hired a coach.”

It could be a life coach. A leadership coach. A marketing coach. There are lots of great folks out there ready to help you find those SMALL changes that will produce MASSIVE positive impact — so you can finally start living the life you deserve.

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