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What’s up with trying to scare entrepreneurs?

I’ve received lots of advice about starting and growing my business. Most of it has been awesome. I am truly grateful for all of the help that I’ve received and it’s been instrumental in my successes.

But I need to vent about scare tactics. When I seek advice, some people say stuff like:

“Oh, it’s so competitive out there. I’m not sure you can make enough money.”

“Did you know that 283%* of small businesses fail in the first year?”

“Ya know, you’ll have to talk to some big-wig CEO’s.”

And some people want to do “Mean CEO Role Play.” “I’m the CEO,” they say “Pitch to me.”

I begrudgingly play along…

Them [cross arms, put on stern look, and speaks in his/her best “I’m important” voice]: Why should I buy your services?

Me: Because you know the value of investing in your employees.

Them: [clearly not convinced; clearly not listening to what I just said]: But what’s in it for me?

Me: You’ll spend less time worrying about staffing issues. Time is money. Also, your people are your greatest resource.

Them: I don’t buy it. Where’s the ROI in that?**

These scare tactics are not effective for me. If you truly want to motivate me, don’t scare me with sticks. Show me the potential carrots. Tell me what I can do better. Share specific resources.

Don’t try to scare me. I already took the leap of faith and I’m over the fear.

Show me how to soar.

*Did you know that 87% of statistics are made up?

**In my experience, CEO’s do not typically act like this. But people playing this game do.

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