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We really need to end the Cult of Busy

This article about “busyness” was in my Facebook memories today. I posted about it 3 years ago b/c it struck a chord. It still strikes a chord today. So, to me at least, it’s a timeless topic. (The references to Seneca demonstrate it’s timelessness too.)

We need to end the Cult of Busy. Being busy is NOT something to strive for.

After talking about my business, someone asked me recently, “Oh, you must be really busy?”

My response: “No, I’m not. And that’s the way it should be.”

Am I productive? I like to think so.
Am I effective? People I trust tell me I am.
Am I efficient? Sometimes too much so.

Am I busy? No.

I say this without any tinge of guilt.

Can you?

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