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We can’t file Bug Reports on our fellow employees

And that’s a good thing.

But imagine if we could. Bug Reports would be filled with complaints like:

  • Sally repeatedly interrupts me and needs a verbal filter upgrade.
  • Josiah is a terrible leader and needs to learn how to delegate effectively.
  • Sam isn’t a team player and repeatedly misses critical deadlines.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply upgrade Sally with Verbal Filter 2.0 and she would be instantly easier to get along with?

Install Delegation 3.0 on Josiah and he’s immediately a superstar leader.

And Sam gets Deadline Management 5.0 (a huge improvement over v4.0 where the “How Real Is This Deadline” function repeatedly crashed) and never misses a critical deadline again!

The stickiest, most pervasive people problems require time, attention, and the human touch.

Don’t ignore this.

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