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Wake me up when September ends

There are some months you wanna take out back and beat with a stick…

My birthday is in September. And yet, something about this month always makes me feel…less. Less happy. Less productive. Less focused.

Maybe it’s the changing weather. (Living in New England all my life, you’d think I’d be used to it.) Maybe it’s back-to-school season. Yes, that’s supposed to be just for the kids, but it seems like us adults have to start working harder in September too.

Whatever it is, here’s one thing I learned:

It’s during times like these that I NEED to remind myself why I’m doing this. Why I’m enduring what seems like an endless struggle.

I wrote a mission statement for my business, and my goal is to read it OUT LOUD EVERY day.

Do I read it every day? Most days. But not every day.

I hadn’t read it for a few days b/c I was swamped. No time. No energy. (Really? NO time and energy to take 5 MINUTES to read the damn thing? I was totally BS’ing myself.)

And I noticed I was starting to go to those “dark places.” You know what I mean. I was blaming the world for my screw ups. Stuff like that.

So yesterday, I FORCED myself to read the damn mission statement. To remind myself WHY I chose to be an entrepreneur. Why I chose to be a leader among leaders.

After I read it, a smirk emerged on my face. Was that a smile?

“Curse you, Mission Statement,” I said to myself, “You really work!”

We live in a complex world, no doubt. But don’t underestimate the power of the simple things.

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