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It’s one thing to harbor doubts about your own capabilities.

It’s a whole other thing when those doubts are confirmed by your company’s leadership.

I spoke with a client this week we’ll call “Jeff.” Jeff knew, at some level, that he wasn’t ready for a bigger role yet.

What he didn’t realize was that his boss didn’t think he was ready for the role he had. 😐

He found out when they told him that they would be hiring a new level of leadership over him, to take over some of his duties.

This demotion caught him completely off guard.

While he didn’t think he was ready to move up, Jeff certainly didn’t think he needed to move down.

Even before this crushing news, Jeff was retreating deeper and deeper into low-level work, avoiding his family, and drinking more than he would like. 😫

He hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in nearly two weeks. 😵 He stopped his fitness routine. Stopped paying attention to what he was eating, or when.

His energy and focus were getting completely tapped out, and he still felt like he wasn’t doing enough, even with the 60+ hours he was putting in every week.

He consoled himself with that “at least I have a job” line and the “they’re not docking my pay, yet” line.

What he wasn’t ready to face was that his growth — his progress to bigger impact — was devastatingly halted. 🛑

It will take years to get back to where he was just a few short months ago.

We all cope with stress and this pattern appears in many tech managers.

As the challenges get bigger — rather than seeking help — we turn inward.

We try to show our worth by doing the jobs that got us promoted in the first place. We numb the pain with games, alcohol, escapist books and movies.

And failing that — we turn to even stronger, more harmful stuff.

We distance ourselves from the people who need us the most. We say it’s to protect them from the 💣 we’ve become. But we’re really hurting them even more.

We go on auto-pilot and turn into workaholics. Desperate to regain some sense of purpose. Some sense of control.

We spend ZERO time relaxing and restoring. We’re living on the edge of a complete and total meltdown.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. 🙅 This pattern can be interrupted. You can escape from the loop.

Many of our best clients started off in this same exact cycle.

They’re now armed 💪 with the systems, strategies, and support that enrich their lives and help them grow towards their career goals.

They have more connection to how they provide value to others. They’re more connected to their purpose than ever. And they’re no longer sacrificing themselves at false altars.

They’ve built their dream careers — their dream lives! And they are so grateful for every bit of the journey!

If this is what you want for your career, I want you to watch our masterclass replay right now.

Now is the BEST time to decide to make your career a priority!

Imagine what it would feel like to move into the rest of December knowing that you have a PLAN for your career.

Knowing that you know HOW to get your career unstuck.

And with this comes an inner peace. An inner confidence. A deep sense of, “Yeah, I got this!!!”

We want this for you.

It’s your job to take the first step.

Watch it now!

As long as you show up coachable, it’ll be the most valuable career conversation you’ve ever had.

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