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Upgrading Your Tech Leadership Career: Is There an App For That?

Have you ever been told that if you want to build a thriving, high-performing tech team…you need to buy an app?

Let me save you some hard work and aggravation.

About 10 years ago, I tried that exact same strategy. I researched all of the leadership and team-building apps out there. I talked with one too many sales reps. And I tested out app after app.

Some apps were for giving better feedback, some were for running better meetings, and there was even one (I don’t think it exists anymore) that was supposed to gamify the team-building process through points, badges, and leaderboards.

See, I believed that if I just found this super-awesome app…then I would build a kick-ass tech team and deliver mind-blowing results.

I mean, that’s what they tell you, right?

But what really happened?

I got even MORE frustrated with myself as a leader. I even started to take it out on my team.

For a minute, there was increased excitement and engagement…but that didn’t last because “yay, new toy” wore off and we were right back to where we started.

I was stressed out because even though I’m a plotter and a planner at heart, I didn’t REALLY have solid, reliable systems in place for my team.

And so this stressed my team out b/c they didn’t know which end was up. What’s our mission, really? Why am I here?

Then I asked myself ONE question — what would happen if I stopped trying to find that magic app…and started building a customized team-building system instead?

I defined the outcome: A high-performing tech team that has the space to thrive in their careers.

Then I got to work. I built a system. I implemented it. I iterated with my team’s feedback.

And, within about 6 months, we were able to score more wins as a team, downsize so that we could have more space to thrive, and get recognized for our hard work. I was rewarded with a promotion for these efforts and many of my team members were as well.

And we did ALL of this without working out butts off 50+ hours a week.

This system that I created for my team has now evolved into the People Stack Meta-System.

It’s a proven, powerful, and ADAPTABLE system that’s designed to help our clients build excellence in their workplaces — and evangelize that excellence so that everyone can earn the career rewards (including more money) that they truly deserve.

We’ll talk about what’s working with your team and your career right now — and what’s NOT working.

And we’ll show you how you can apply The People Stack Meta-System to YOUR team and YOUR career.

If you want our help to implement the application, we’ll talk about what that might look like.

But either way, this is going to be THE most valuable conversation you’ve ever had about thriving as a technical leader.

Want to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your tech career? Check out our webinar today at

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