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Think Meditation Doesn’t Work? Conduct This 15-day Experiment.

****Step 1: Meditate for 10 min. every day for 10 days.

Yes, there’s an app for that with a free 10-day trial:
No, that’s not an affiliate link. I just really, really love Headspace.

****Step 2: Don’t meditate again for another 5 days. STOP! Cold turkey.

Also, don’t make any drastic life changes during these 5 days. Don’t start a new diet, or move to Peru, or go hang-gliding for the first time. Keep your life pretty much the same as the first 10 days. BUT — I better not see you meditating!

Besides the not-so-subtle reverse psychology, why does this work?

Because when you meditate consistently — even for just 10 days — you WILL start experiencing positive changes in your life. It’s different for everyone, but based on my experiences and those of my clients, the changes can be described as: increased focus, decreased stress, increased awareness of right now, decreased weight on your shoulders, better sleep, better communications with loved ones, increased performance at work

In just 10 days, the changes are subtle, but they are undeniably there. It helps if you keep a daily journal to reflect on the changes, but in this experiment, the journal isn’t 100% necessary.

After the 10 days, you stop. No more meditating.

What happens?

The changes can be described as: I’m a lot less focused; My mind is all scattered; I feel more anxious; I can’t get work done; How did I live like this?; It’s like I’m not truly listening to people; I’m so easily stressed by the minutia

When you stop, the negative effects feel WAY more profound vs. the positive effects of starting.

Let’s say you start meditating and, after 10 days, you feel 10% happier.
(Another good meditation app:

If you stop meditating, after 5 days, you’ll likely feel about 50% sadder. 50% more stressed. 50% worse.

There’s a lot going on here psychologically, but essentially this “Bad is Stronger than Good” in action.

We like the good. But we really, really, really HATE the bad.

They cynic may say: Okay, fine. I won’t start meditating.

To this I say…

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” ― Oscar Wilde

The value of meditating has been argued elsewhere. Extensively. With science.

What’s my point, then? If you’re on the fence about meditating, if you’re not really sure it’ll work for YOU, if you want to experience the benefits FIRST HAND — and if you want EVIDENCE the changes are BECAUSE of meditation (and not some other change you’ve made) conduct the above experiment!

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