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The Questions Google Can’t Answer

We live in an age when our phones, our watches, or other digital personal assistants give us quick answers. This makes our lives simultaneously easier and harder.

I don’t think I have to persuade you why it makes our lives easier. What’s the weather? Ask Alexa. Where should we go for dinner? Launch OpenTable or Reserve. Need help finding the best in home improvement services? Log onto Angie’s List. And, of course, there’s Google. But how does this never-ending stream of answering apps make our lives harder?

Sometimes, answers need to be — and should be — simple and easy. But sometimes they’re complex and difficult.

As I launch my career as an entrepreneur, I’ve read countless books, articles, and tweets about how to succeed. I’ve also Googled, a lot. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I continue reading this advice looking for answers, I’m going to be sorely disappointed. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned a ton. But it’s just information. Not answers.

The answers only come after I think very carefully about MY situation and what I want to do. How do I want to help the world? How do I spend my time and money? Who can I trust for good advice? Why am I doing this, anyway?

Google can’t answer those. I had to do some serious soul-searching to figure them out. And there will be more soul-searching and tough questions as I press on.

In the weeks and months ahead, I have to remind myself why I took this leap of faith to begin with. I have to remind myself what I want in life. I have to remind myself that I have the answers.

And so do you.

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