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The 2 Obstacles Standing in Your Way to Commanding a $200k+ Salary as a Tech Manager

When you think of work — what comes to mind?

Stress, worry, frustration, and anger?

Or empowerment, excitement, courage, and joy?

I’m reminded of that quote:

“Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” -unknown

I’ve also been reflecting on the hundreds of tech manager clients who we’ve had the honor to help. We stood by them as they walked the path towards their dream careers.

They chose to take ownership of their careers and do what they love.

Clients who achieved amazing outcomes like landing a Hell Yes job paying 30% more, negotiating a 100% work-from-home arrangement (to have the freedom to travel the world), and earning a 28% raise (without sacrificing an ounce of integrity).

They didn’t get there overnight. I didn’t wave a magic wand and say “poof, you get a raise!” They had to work hard to get there.

And they all started out feeling defeated. Feeling like they were settling for mediocre careers.

They got passed over for way too many raises & promotions.

They were mad — sick with envy — as they watched their peers (some of them with LESS experience) get the promotions they were shooting for.

They were frustrated that their bosses — and other higher-ups — would not be their advocates.

Or they were on the job market and were frustrated as hell that they couldn’t find quality leads and were sick of false promises from recruiters.

They were tired of leaving money on the table during negotiation.

They knew they were worth more, but they didn’t have the guts — and the support — to strategically evangelize their excellence and get paid more.

But then they decided “enough is enough.” They got defiantly committed to upgrading their careers and sought help.

They got resourceful and booked a call with us.

And we helped them.

We gave them the systems, strategies, and support to get them unstuck from tech manager Career Hell.

They finally — once and for all — were able to walk the path towards their dream careers.

But that’s not an easy path to walk.

Nothing is given on the path. Everything is earned.

And there be dragons. Obstacles.

And these obstacles really fall into two categories.

Fear & Ego

If you let Fear get in your way, you lose.

If you let your Ego get in your way, you lose.

Fear & Ego are some badass dragons. You need some serious grit, tenacity, and support to fight them.

That’s why we’re here.

Let us help you slay those dragons and win the career game.

It’s dangerous to go alone.

Then check out the webinar today!

We’ll talk about what’s working in your career right now, what’s not working, and where you want to go.

If I can help you get there, I’ll tell you and show you how. If I can’t, I’ll steer you towards resources that will help you.

Upgrading your career boils down to having a series of empowering, boundary-stretching conversations.

Let’s start that first conversation now. Send me that message.

Talk to some of you soon.

Want to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your tech career? Check out our webinar today at

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Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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