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Simplicity = the pathway to tech career mastery

Every day, I hear tech managers saying how upgrading their careers is so COMPLICATED!

“Getting that raise is complicated, especially with the current budget situation.”

“Landing a tech leadership job? In this job market? That’s complicated.”

“Convincing my boss that I deserve that promotion? He’s so distracted right now. It’s so complicated!”

And trust me, I understand this feeling. I’ve been there.

And here’s the thing…

It’s NOT complicated.

It’s hard.

There’s a difference between complicated and hard.

And it’s crucial that you understand this if you want to finally earn a 30% raise or more while you make a massive positive impact.

If you keep thinking it’s complicated, then it’s game over. It’s going to take FOREVER to figure it out.

And your career is going to stay on life support.

“It’s complicated” is a recipe for uncertainty and a complete lack of clarity.


It’s hard. That’s the REAL truth.

If it were easy, every tech manager would be commanding a salary of $200k or more.

If it were easy, every tech manager would be living a life of freedom and joy and profoundly satisfying service.

It’s not EASY. It’s not COMPLICATED. It’s HARD!

It requires hard work. It requires you to do the uncomfortable every day.

It requires discipline and heart and commitment.


All you have to do is choose to.

But if you keep telling yourself it’s complicated, there’s no way out of that mess.


Unless you see the SIMPLE truth that we’ve discovered.

And the only way we’ve been able to discover this is because we’ve been serving tech managers for 6+ years.

We’ve helped hundreds of tech managers earn raises of 30% or more, command salaries of $200k or more, and finally make the impact they’re destined to make.

We’re here to reveal this truth to you so you can get unstuck from “It’s complicated.”

Here’s our discovery:

The SIMPLE way to upgrade your tech career is through a series of often uncomfortable career-building conversations.

That’s it!

How do you earn that raise? Have the conversations.

How do you land a Hell Yes job? Have the conversations.

How do you thrive as a tech leader without burning yourself out? Have the conversations.

It’s that SIMPLE!


It’s not easy.

If you knew HOW to have these conversations, you would have figured it out already.

You’re smart. You’re committed.

So don’t tell yourself the story that “it’s complicated” It’s not true!

What IS true?

It’s hard and you need help. Plain and simple.

You need help having the right conversations, with the right people, in the right time, in the right way.

You need a proven system so that when it gets even harder, you have that system to lean on.

You need world-class support so that when it gets so hard you feel like quitting, that support will be there to cheer you on — and call you out on your BS — in a loving way.

It’s not complicated. It’s hard.

If you’re ready to do the hard work that’s necessary to build your dream career.. watch our FREE training now!

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Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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