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That’s me snowboarding (Feb. 2016)

Online Course Corrections: Try, Pivot, Repeat

I’ve been thinking a lot about pivoting lately. And space. Mainly, how sometimes we need the space to pivot.

I got back on a snowboard this past winter and it was a challenge, to say the least. I’m a skier. I learned to ski when I was young and have gotten really good at it. So, when I tried to snowboard for the first time several years ago — and failed miserably—I said, “Never again. I’m a skier.”

Never say never. Fast-forward about 12 years and here I was again, on a snowboard. That 12 years gave me the mental space I needed to forget the agony of defeat. I was pumped! I was determined! And I had fun!

In order to make that mental pivot from “never again” to “I’m gonna do this,” I needed space. In this case, 12 years was the space I needed.

Things move faster in the working world where you can’t always wait 12 years. If you fail, you gotta get back up on that board again pretty quickly.

But, you can wait. Not 12 years, but maybe a few weeks or a few months.

A few months ago, I failed at selling one on my online courses. It was my first major failure since starting my own business. It was harsh. It stung in ways failure had never stung before because I’ve never been an entrepreneur before.

While the sting of failure was still blinding me, I didn’t say, “Never again.” But I knew I needed space.

Fast-forward a few months. I’m back. I’m ready to do this again. I’ve learned from my mistakes, I’ll do it differently this time, and I’ll market the heck out of my kick-ass online course.

This time I’m ready to succeed. This time I’m not afraid of failure. This time will be better than last time.

And next time will be better still.

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