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Meta-Reflections: My Top Posts of 2015

My Medium articles present reflections on various matters of work and life and so, as we start a new year, I’m offering some reflections on those reflections by sharing my Top 3 from 2015:

#3: Time to Move On

In this article, I described my decision to leave academia and become an entrepreneur. My decision was not fueled by frustration, but rather a desire to move on. I got tenure, promotion, and earned a sabbatical. What’s next? I am happy to report that I do not regret the decision one iota and the entrepreneurial life (in Boston) fits me like a glove.

#2: Please Don’t Call Me “Dr.”

In this piece, I ask that you call me Jen. Because titles are not important to me. And I’m not a title. I’m a person.

#1: (Just) Walk Away

I would not have guessed that this would be #1. I wrote it on a whim after reflecting about winning at the casino. Unlike most of my articles, it’s not about the work I do, but it clearly struck a chord. Lots of people want to move on. But walking away is easier said than done.

Overall, my top three posts were my most personal. I bared a little bit of my soul with each of them. In retrospect, this makes sense. Be real and people will connect with you.

I’ll take that with me in 2016. So expect to see more soul baring posts.

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