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Leadership Ain’t Easy (and if you think it is, you’re doing it wrong)

I get to interact with lots of leaders through the natural course of being a tech leadership coach. And as much as I do my best to treat every human like a chaotic, beautiful snowflake, my brain craves categorization. (“How do I make sense of this chaos?”)

I’ve noticed lots of patterns among tech managers and one has stood out to me recently:

The BEST of the BEST leaders readily admit that leadership is damn hard. They readily admit that they aren’t even close to figuring it out. They readily admit that they need help.

The leaders who are not the best of the best — the people who often fall apart and succumb to the chaos — they say: Leadership is easy! All you have to do is: [insert overused leadership mantra]

(All you have to do is: treat your team with respect, discourage drama, give them motivating tasks, hire the right people, make sure they’re engaged, give them opportunities to learn, give them helpful feedback, lead by example, get out of their way…)

Yes, there is a nugget of truth to these “all you have to do” statements. Yes, respect, motivation, engagement, feedback, etc. are important ingredients to being a great leader.


If you’re truly committed to being a better leader and CONSISTENTLY delivering awesome results — no matter what the context, no matter who is on your team — you know it ain’t easy!

You know there’s no magic solution.

Leadership IS NOT EASY.

If you think it is, you’re doing it wrong.

Make sense?

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