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I recently visited a casino for the first time in several years and tripled my money playing blackjack. Yes, I got lucky. However, I also had a strategy which was deceptively simple and effective: I walked away when I was ahead.

I didn’t “just” walk away. “Just” implies it was easy. It wasn’t. There was tremendous pressure to stay at the table. Casinos give you perks — free drinks, free dinner, even a free room — if you sit long enough and bet high enough. I was also thinking: How do I make my exit? No one else is leaving. Maybe I should stay too? What will they think of me if I leave?

I walked away despite these pressures. And I won.

Walking away — whether from a blackjack table or a job — takes courage, determination, and pride. I know it ain’t easy. But if you time it right, you can look back with satisfaction and look ahead with excitement.

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