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I owe my Medium audience a HUGE apology.

I’ve been quiet for way too long.

I did a client review of what’s happened at The People Stack in the last six months.

In just that short span of time, our tech manager clients have been able to:

***Land his dream job at $200k/year as an executive at a tech consulting start-up

***Land a job at Amazon as Software Engineering Manager — along with a 52% raise

***Use the increased resources from his thriving tech consulting businesses to pay off his mortgage in FULL with a $90,000 payment

***Rise from struggling product manager to visionary product leader — while she builds her side website business that already exceeded 2020 revenue goals

***Finally left corporate hell and started a new job at a smaller company as a Sr. Director of Professional Services and is LOVING all the new challenges

***Start the interview process for her DREAM Ops job at Netflix

***Went from $139k/year to $180k/year in just 4 months (Data Analytics Director)

***Reduce his work hours from 80 hours/week to 50 hours/week (IT Director)

***Earned a $10k bonus (Software Engineering Manager)

And yes, they were able to achieve these results even during a global pandemic!

Even with all of the other craziness going on in the world right now!

We’ve been so busy helping THEM achieve these kinds of extraordinary results…

…that we haven’t made enough time to share with YOU how you can build your dream career as a technical leader while you live a life filled with impact, joy, freedom, and gratitude.

For that, I’m really sorry.

Every day I’ve been hearing from tech managers who are worried that they’re settling for mediocre careers…

— An email from someone who is bored to death and over-committed with meaningless projects — it feels like death by 1,000 paper cuts

— A Facebook message from someone who feels like she’s disappearing into irrelevance — she’s under-recognized and feeling ashamed

— A call with someone who said his “soul feels heavy” because he’s overworked and underpaid

— Another call with someone who can’t get off the work-eat-sleep-repeat hamster wheel and is feeling so burned out he’s getting apathetic…

The truth is, I’ve dropped the ball helping my Medium audience get over these hurdles, build your excellence as a technical leader, and advance in your career with a salary that matches your true value.

No more.

I want to make it clear:

The first step towards following in the footsteps of our badass tech manager clients who are creating amazing career results is to watch our training!

Go here right now:

You’ll learn the 4 shifts our clients made to uplevel their tech careers with integrity and joy and balance.

It’s 100% free and all you need to do is click on “Reserve My Pass” and enter your name and email.

But it’s not for everyone.

If you’re looking for quick-fix, band-aid solutions, this is NOT for you.

You must be mega-persistent and know that massive change is possible with smart work.

You must be truly committed to transforming your tech career.

If you’re tired of losing opportunities for growth, advancement & more money, and you’re ready to start getting real results, then you must watch our training today.

Here’s the link to reserve your pass:

As long as your show up ready to learn what it’ll take to transform your tech career, it’ll be the most clarifying training you’ve ever watched!

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