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I Pledge to Add Value, Not Garbage

I’m starting a business so I need to post to social media, right? But, how often?

The folks at Buffer suggest posting to Twitter three times a day, Facebook two times a day, and Pinterest 5 times a day.

Well — at least that gives me a starting point. But what shocked me is that there are many other recent articles suggesting that in order to make a splash on Twitter, you need to post AT LEAST three times a day, with some suggesting 20+ tweets a day.

Can you imagine if everyone tweeted 20 times a day?! That’s a lot of nonsense. Does the average person have 20 thoughts a day that are worth sharing with the entire Twitter-verse? On a really good day, I’m lucky if I can score 1 or 2. And that’s being generous.

There are plenty of social media gems, but we haven’t yet reached the point where the good stuff outweighs the garbage. And if people follow the above advice, the garbage will win.

Garbage in, garbage out.

But imagine a world where high-quality social media posts are the norm. Imagine a world where people can win awards for an awesome tweet. Imagine a world where Tweeters and Medium authors are put up on a pedestal and applauded.

It’s not a pipe dream but we have to make it happen. No more garbage.

Me: But, I’m starting a new business so I have to post a lot, right?

Alt Me: Wrong. I can get business without posting to Twitter 20 times a day.

I pledge that I will not add to the garbage. I pledge that I will attempt to add value. I pledge that my posts will originate from a true desire to help.

Value in, Value out.

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