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How to Win on the Tech Leadership Job Market (even if you secretly fear networking, self-promotion, and negotiation)

Over the Easter holiday, I was talking with an old friend about being on the job market.

She recently landed a new job in technical leadership. And, at the People Stack, about half of our clients are on the job market.

So we had a lot of share with each other!

We talked about how being on the job market can feel a bit like navigating choppy waters — without a GPS! And you don’t know how deep the water is!

It can be downright scary.

But a lot of us don’t talk about it that way. Even though, deep down, there is a foreboding sense of fear.

Even though we may not have a GPS, we do know what’s ahead of us:

Networking conversations, interviews (several rounds of them), dealing with HR and recruiters, promoting ourselves in ways that make us feel uncomfortable, and the salary negotiations.

We may be able to handle one of these things on its own. But put them all together at once?! It’s almost enough to make you want to abandon ship and swim back to shore!

And there’s the rub. What happens IF you abandon ship? And go stay at that crappy job? Or stay unemployed?

No. That’s simply not an option…

But, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of next actions, follow-ups, and boundary-stretching conversations that are involved in finding a tech leadership job.

You don’t want to deal with another recruiter. You don’t want to go on ANOTHER interview when you know there’s a chance they’ll just say, “Thanks, but we decided to hire someone else who’s a better fit.” You don’t want to negotiate salary — why can’t we skip all of that nonsense and you pay me a fair salary the reflects my value???

But alas, you know that’s not possible. So you press on. But your heart’s not it in anymore. After several months of this, you’re almost ready to throw your hands up in the air and settle.

You were looking for a Director position — but maybe you’re only good enough to be a Manager.

Maybe you shouldn’t expect to be paid 20% more? Maybe 10% is good enough? Heck, at this point, you just might take a pay DECREASE to be in SOME job that’s mildly satisfying…

Here’s the bottom line: If you don’t upgrade your job search strategies soon, you’re going to end up in a terrible job at a terrible salary (and be on the job market again in 6 months or less).

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

While most tech managers are struggling on the job market, a small handful are quietly landing their Hell Yes tech leadership jobs (even though they secretly fear networking, self-promotion, and negotiation).

Our clients are not navigating the choppy waters of the job market without a GPS! We give them the strategies, systems, and support they need to WIN and land that awesome job (with awesome salary and benefits).

We give them everything they need to overcome the fear and doubt that plagues so many other tech managers on the job market.

They follow our proven step-by-step system that hundreds of other tech managers have used before them — and they’re able to land the tech leadership jobs of their dreams!

We’ll pull back the curtain and reveal the inside job market strategies that the top 1% of tech managers know that you probably don’t.

If you want our help implementing these strategies, we’ll talk about what that would look like. If not, no problem. You’re still going to leave the call with massive clarity and value.

Want to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your tech career? Check out our webinar today at

Here’s to WINNING on the tech leadership job market — and beating the fear, the doubt, and the overwhelm.

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Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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