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How do I command a $200k+ salary as a tech manager? Just tell me your “3-step Plan” already!

We crave what’s convenient. It’s why malls are still so popular.

Why on Earth in the age of e-commerce would someone still go to a MALL?

Because it’s convenient (and worth battling traffic). Everything you want is under one roof AND you get to try before you buy (which obviously isn’t possible online for items like shoes, back massagers, and kitchen knives. You know, things that need to fit *just* right. Come to think of it, that’s why Zappos is awesome…)

We CRAVE convenience!

So when you’re faced with a major career problem like:

*Your boss is giving you more and more responsibility but no more money or other resources

*You feel stuck in the tactical weeds and you’re unable to strategize effectively

*Your team lacks empowerment to make their own decisions, costing everyone time and sanity

*You feel like any day now you might get demoted or even fired

*You come home mentally zapped because dealing with the work overwhelm and constant fire-fighting is mentally exhausting

You think, “How do I solve this? Give me the answers now!”

So you scour the internet looking for them. You browse Quora, HBR, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins until your eyes feel heavy and you fall asleep hearing, “All you have to do is BELIEVE!”

But don’t find the answers. It’s just more noise. More questions.

And then you start following this woman named Jen Bunk who claims she can help you earn $200k+ as a tech manager.

You follow her emails and posts for months.

And she makes a lot of sense. She busts some myths that you thought were true about leadership and career upgrading.

And she keeps asking you to book a call.

But you don’t…there’s a lot of reasons why…

It’s partially because…she never actually told me HOW!

HOW do I upgrade my career! Just give me your “3-Step Plan” already!

You want to walk in, read her article, and walk out with a solution.

Like going to the mall.

You want convenience.

But I’ll tell you why this Jen Bunk person — Hi! That’s me! — can’t just tell you how.

It’s not convenient. It’s not easy. If it were easy, you would have figured it out already.

You’re a smart technical leader with critical thinking skills up the wazoo.

So, it’s not easy. But we think it should be. People think fixing a major career problem that’s causing you major frustration should be like going to the mall — see an item, pay the price, and walk home w/ solution.

This is ridiculous. It’s absurd.

And once you realize this, you can open yourself up to achieving some major career transformations.

Stop believing that upgrading your career should be convenient and easy. Because if you keep believing that…

You’re going to keep struggling. You’re going to stay stuck in the Land of Leadership Mediocrity. You might score some minor wins along the way (like getting a 5% raise or a shoutout during the Yearly Company Outing). But that won’t last because nothing that’s worth doing is convenient.

Ask yourself: What would happen if I stopped believing that upgrading my career should be convenient and easy…and started believing that, in order to upgrade my career to dream levels, I have to do what’s inconvenient and hard?

You have conversations you’ve been dreading. You finally ask to get paid what you’re worth. You inspire people to follow in your footsteps.

And, within a matter of months, you’ll be able to upgrade your career & build a thriving team (without any of your old limiting beliefs holding you back).

And what’s the first step?

Want to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your tech career? Check out our webinar today at

It may feel inconvenient to reach out. It may feel hard to click those buttons.

And that’s exactly why you need to do it.

Let us help you walk the path towards your dream career.

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Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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