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Don’t Take My Word For It (The Proof is in The Pudding)

I received an email yesterday from someone who just finished watching our webinar.

“I think you’re a bot. Prove that you’re not a bot.”


Three minutes later, I sent him a screenshot (with the date/time showing) with me in the center holding a sticky note: “Not a bot.”

He never responded so I don’t think that convinced him.

I must be a bot.


I understand that some of you are hesitant to believe me when I tell you that, if you’re ready to get decisive, committed, and resourceful, we can help you command a $200k+ salary as a tech manager.

You want me to prove it.

Here’s the truth: Maybe you CAN’T command a $200k+ salary. Maybe you can’t upgrade your career. Maybe I can’t help you.

If you’re not ready to open up to the idea that career transformation is absolutely possible, then I hate to break it to you, but you’re stuck in the Land of Leadership Mediocrity.

And you’re never gonna get out.


If you KNOW it’s possible. If you KNOW, that with the right strategies, systems, and support, you can and WILL walk the path towards your Dream Tech Career, then we’d be honored to be your expert guides.

And perhaps you need a bit more inspiration. You want to know what others are saying and achieving. You want to use their success as a FUEL to keep you going on that long, winding, difficult path towards upgrading your team, your career, your paychecks, and your life.

If that’s the case, then I understand. I’m going to be sharing more of our client success stories in the coming weeks and months.

To start out, here’s a sampling of some of the really nice things folks have said about us.

“I think that what is beneficial about having career coaches, like Jen and Rob, is that they are there as a third party for you trying to come at it from a non-biased perspective. It was also really valuable getting feedback like, ‘That’s bullshit you need to change it’ and ‘That’s just a platitude. That’s not actually what you feel.’ That’s about as unbiased as you can get in terms of seeking out a third party to bounce ideas off of and make sure that you’re working toward the right direction.”

Ethan P. | Director of Product and Technology

“It was great working with Jen and Rob because, without them, I don’t think I would have respected my professional ability and my professional self enough to stand up for what would have been right or what I deserve as a professional in return for what I do. They helped me through some major job offers and the negotiation and conversations and helped me stay accountable to my originally stated goals. They helped me think about how I talk about what I do and really pushed me to put together a mission statement, put together clear statements about what my value-add is. How to talk to people about what I do in a way that doesn’t feel goofy, that doesn’t feel fake or like bragging, but giving me a way to talk confidently about what I’ve accomplished without feeling stupid or cheesy.”

Jackie L.| Data Analytics Director

“Jen and is open and welcoming without being judgmental encompassing the trust of sibling and comfort of a confessional. She is able to evaluate processes and identify missing parts of the puzzle or shift mismatched skills. She can gently but firmly guide how to use better practices that encourage your team to shine. She and the People Stack Meta-System are what you need for your team and for your career to fulfill your mission. Working w/ Jen has helped me use my skills to leave “a job” and find a career that is the perfect balance for my skill set. I can honestly say, I’ve never been this satisfied and challenged professionally in my working life until now. Thanks, Jen!”

Aurora J. | Sr. Web Developer

“Jen’s passion for helping her clients reach their career goals is inspiring! I’ve gotten a lot out of the People Stack Accelerator program. It’s definitely been uncomfortable and challenging to re-think my leadership approach — which is good. I’m slowly integrating more into my daily work. I love having continued access to the materials so that I can continue to grow as a leader and manager.”

Eric R. | Tech Team Lead

“My husband and I both work for the same tech company, and neither of us has been particularly happy with our careers recently. Jen & Rob listened to our complaints, and then they asked the right questions to figure out the real friction points and identify the root cause of our unhappiness. We put together an action plan, and we were able to negotiate a more flexible working arrangement with the company so that we can pursue our dream life with more freedom.”

Dachary C. | Sr. Web Developer

“The eight short weeks I spent working with Jen and Rob were terrifically awesome! I can honestly say they care about the people they works with, and wants everyone of them to come away a better person, who can confidently say they have found a new skill set they are already utilizing in their professional lives. That new skill set may be knowing how to better manage teams, but the real magic is learning to Evangelize Your Excellence! As a result of learning to Evangelize my Excellence, I have gained confidence in putting myself out there, learning the art of negotiating a better offer in my favor, and how to 150% show the value I bring to the table. Thanks Jen!”

Todd U. | IT Director

“Jen’s mentorship has been transformational. Finally, I don’t think or hope I have what it takes to achieve my career goals — I *know*I do. The People Stack demystified the journey of leadership and gave me a system for continued learning and adjustment. I look forward to taking this journey for the rest of my career.”

Sarah W. | Technical Product Manager

Ethan, Jackie, Aurora, Eric, Dachary, Todd and Sarah are amazing humans. They’re badass! It was an honor and privilege to work with them.

And guess what: You’re an amazing human, too! You’re badass!

What’s the difference between you and the humans listed above? They took inspired, intelligent action to upgrade their tech careers.

Want to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your tech career? Check out our webinar today at

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Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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