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Dear 2021, Please be better! 🙏

“I just want 2020 to be over already!”

“I am so DONE with 2020!”

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, 2020!”

“Please, 2021, be better than 2020!”

These are just a few of the New Year’s messages I’m seeing right now.

There’s no denying it: 2020 was a massively challenging year. One for the history books. 💯

We’ll be telling our grandkids about how we made it through 2020 despite a global pandemic, massive racial injustices, a crazy political season, and oh yeah, there were murder hornets!!!

All of this stuff happened. It’s all true.

Here’s what’s also true: 2021 won’t magically be better unless you DECIDE it’s going to be.

Wherever you are in your career right now — stuck, laid off, fired, underpaid, overworked, under-appreciated…

…whatever career struggles you’re going through and got worse because of 2020…

They are NOT going to get better unless you DECIDE to MAKE them better!

Otherwise, you’re gambling with your career. You’re hoping it’ll get better. Crossing your fingers that something, anything good will happen.🤞

And your career is a BIG thing to gamble with! It’s an extremely risky gamble.

Because your career is your greatest asset. It’s the source of your financial abundance.

It’s the source of your professional prestige.

It’s the source of many of your most trusted relationships.

It’s the source of your MISSION in life to HELP others!

Without a fulfilling career, you have no financial security, no professional significance, no valued relationships with colleagues, and no MISSION!

Do you REALLY want to gamble all of that away?! 👀

I didn’t think so!!!

So it’s time to make the defiant decision to stop hoping that 2021 will be better…

..and DECIDE to take ACTION to make it better! 👏

Put yourself in control of your biggest asset. Put yourself in the driver’s seat!

Would you willingly choose to let someone with unknown automobile skills drive your car???


So why are you leaving your career to chance??!!

The truth is, we’ve all done it. I’m guilty of it as well.

But here’s the thing…

The difference between the tech managers who continue to struggle and the ones who thrive is this deliberate choice:

“I will no longer let my career happen TO me.

Instead, I choose to CREATE the career that happens FOR me!”

They take action that puts them in control of what they want their career to be.

They decide the kind of leader they want to be!

And in the process, they command 💁 premium salaries of $200k or more while they live lives of zen-like work-life balance.

This is what our clients have been able to do.

Was every step easy? Hell no!

Did they encounter challenges? Hell yes!

And they were able to confront those hard challenges with our proven strategies and world-class support.

If this is what you want for your career and you want to follow in the footsteps of our most successful clients…

Book a call with my team today!

Stop HOPING that 2021 will be better. It doesn’t work that way!

Instead, decide to make your career a priority!

That’s your first step towards building your dream career!

And never again suffering with worry about what the next year, next month, or next week is going to bring.

You’re an amazingly talented technical leader. 💚 You’re intelligent. 💚 You’re committed. 💚 You’re resourceful.

Step into that power 💪 and take this next step towards creating a massive positive impact while you have more fun than you ever thought possible!

Book that call immediately!

Talk to you soon!

Written by

Career Coach for Tech Managers. I help tech managers upgrade their careers, their teams, their paychecks, and their lives.

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