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14 Reasons Why I Serve the Tech Community

There are a lot of “10 Reasons” articles, so I thought I’d add four more for 40% added value.

I was born with a love for technology. My dad bought our first computer when I was in grade school. Technically, he bought it for my brother. But I wanted to play too. And so it began…

Fast-forward approximately three decades when I started Jen Bunk Ventures and was defining my target market. As I mulled over my value statement and thought about my true passions, tech kept coming up. I couldn’t ignore it. I’m a scientist who loves technology, so why not serve the tech world? I know it seems obvious but it took me a while to get there.

My mission is to help optimize talent with science, education, and technology. Why? Because I want to help workers and organizations do work that is more engaging, meaningful, fulfilling, and fun.

Because work should feel like play.

  1. Technology can and has changed the world.
  2. Technology makes life more fun.
  3. I married a tech geek with phenomenal people skills.
  4. I’ve always been a tech trailblazer, especially when it comes to producing online educational content. I was the first in my college dorm to create a website (on the Beatles; it was saved for posterity here). Years later, I was the first in my department to develop and teach an online course.
  5. Tech people are my people. They are some of the smartest, nicest, and goofiest folks I have every met.
  6. I live in the Boston area and, by many accounts, tech in Boston is booming. The Boston Globe reports that one in ten Massachusetts workers is employed in tech, making our labor force “the techiest in the nation.” MassTLC reports that Massachusetts has the most concentrated tech sector in the United States and that the past 5 years have seen an explosion of tech start-up accelerators, the creation of many new innovation districts (e.g., Boston, Cambridge, and Newton/Needham), and research center openings/expansions by many big-name companies (e.g., Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Verizon).
  7. I have a very deep admiration for those who can code and do it well. (I’ve tried and while I can “speak code,” I was not built to be a software engineer.)
  8. I want to stay of top of the latest tech happenings. To do this, there’s no better way than to be in constant contact with those who are creating the buzz.
  9. I — along with many others — rely on hearing aides and contact lenses for my auditory and visual acuity. With these technologies, my perception of the world would not be as clear.
  10. When I hear about initiatives like the Hour of Code, it sends chills of happiness and gratitude down my spine.
  11. Technology is everywhere and we can’t live without it.
  12. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke.
  13. I’m in the business of reminding workers that while technology is important, people matter more.
  14. Because I’m having fun doing it.

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